Cobra Wet Strips

Made to reduce the problem of scratching gloss and chrome vinyl during wet applications. Cobra Wet Strips are excellent for soaking up water during wet application and you have the freedom to choose your favorite squeege to apply the product when needed rather than replacing the entire squeegee. We have also tested this product on turbo squeegee's during PPF installation and have received awesome results. Get your Cobra Wet Strips today!!

* For the high-end wrap Installations try with combination of 25mm and 50mm as two layers


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-W-24mm Cobra wet Strips 25mmx100mm 5Qty/Pack AU$ 4.50
RT-W-50mm Cobra wet Strips 50mmx100mm 5Qty/Pack AU$ 8.50
RT-W-150-24mm Cobra wet Strips 25mmx150mm 5Qty/Pack AU$ 6.50
RT-W-150-50mm Cobra wet Strips 50mmx150mm 5Qty/pack AU$ 10.50