Sew On Hook and Loop Tape

Sew On Hook & Loop Tape - Black Colour Sew On Hook & Loop Tape - White Colour    

Sew on Hook and Loop Tape

Hook and loop material is an ideal solution for a range of needs where attaching two surfaces in a removable manner is necessary. However, most hook and loop materials are adhesive, meaning that the hook portion attaches to one surface via adhesive, and the loop portion attaches to another with adhesive. That’s fine for some needs – it works well on flat, smooth, hard surfaces like walls. However, it doesn’t work on other needs. For instance, pocket closures can be made from hook and loop material, but adhesive material won’t work. This is where sew on hook and loop tape is invaluable.

How It Works
How does sew on hook and loop tape work? Actually, it’s almost identical to self-adhesive hook and loop material with the exception of how you affix it. With self-adhesive formats, the tape has adhesive on the backing already. You peel off the backing and stick it where you need it. With sew on hook and loop tape, you’ll need to stitch it in place, which makes it a better option for use with fabric-oriented projects, although it can also be used with other products so long as the material is heavy enough for the stitches to hold.

Just a few of the potential uses for sew on hook and loop tape include:
• Pocket closures
• Zipper replacement
• Purse and bag closures
• Furniture cover closures
• Automotive roof liners and other uses

Our sew on hook and loop tape can be used with a range of different sewing machines, including commercial machines and in-home sewing machines. However, our tape can also be stapled in place if necessary for your project.

Advantages Over Other Closure Types
Why choose sew on hook and loop tape over other closure types, like zippers, buttons or toggles? Actually, there are several reasons. First, tape is lighter, allowing you to create an overall lighter product. Second, tape can offer a more secure closure than buttons or toggles, which is particularly important for pockets on certain styles of clothing (jackets, cargo shorts, cargo pants and more). Hook and loop tape can also offer advantages over metal zippers.

As a final note, once the tape has outlived its use (requiring years and lots of hard use), replacing it is as simple as removing the stitches and sewing in a new section, which can be done with either a sewing machine or by hand.

As you can see, there are myriad uses for sew on hook and loop tape, and Real Time Media Solutions is proud to offer our customers both white and black hook and loop tape to fit your needs. Both are available in 25 mm x 25 m and 50 mm x 25 m formats.

At Real Time Media Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solutions to our customers’ needs. Our sew on hook and loop tape is just one example of how we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations at every turn.