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Grommets and Machines
Grommets are everywhere. They’re in your work boots, attached to tarpaulins, embedded in ship sails, and in hundreds of other places and products. Grommets allow something to pass through another material – a bootlace through the leather upper of a boot, for instance, or a tie-down strap through the corner of a tarp. Of course, manufacturers and shops need a way to install grommets in the first place. That’s where Real Time Media Solutions’ range of grommets and machines comes in.

Our Selection of Grommet Kits
We understand the need for high quality, high performance materials in your work, and to that end, we’ve selected top of the line plain grommet and washer kits. Ideal for individuals or small shops, our kits range from small to medium to large, with grommet sizes that include 10 mm, 12 mm, and 13 mm. Each kit contains everything you’ll need to install a grommet and washer: a hole punch, die set and both grommet and washer.

Our Selection of Grommets and Washers
Why buy kit after kit? Once you have a hole punch and die set to fit various sizes of grommets and washers, why not just purchase the materials you need, since you already have the tools on hand? At Real Time Media Solutions, we realise that individual craftspeople need access to the right size and quantity of washers and grommets for their needs. We offer plain grommets and washers in 100 packs. These are brass grommets and washers for the best resilience and durability, ensuring that you’re able to create a high quality finished product.

Increase Productivity with a Bench-Mount Grommet Machine
While our grommet kits are ideal for those who only need to set grommets and washers periodically, our bench-mount grommet machine offers advantages to those who need to set grommets regularly, and where speed and accuracy is of paramount importance. Why set each grommet and washer set by hand when our bench-mount press can virtually automate the process? Our machine allows you to set self-piercing grommets with a single motion, enhancing productivity significantly.

The wooden base allows you to mount this machine virtually anywhere you need, including workbenches. Custom drill mounting holes, or attach the base in other ways to fit your needs. You’ll find that our grommet machine also works with 10, 12 and 13 mm grommets (and includes the appropriate die sets for each size). Order grommets and washers in sets of 1,000 to ensure you can keep up with demand.

Choosing Grommets
Real Time Media Solutions offers a range of high-quality grommets and washers for your needs. However, if you opt to purchase your grommet sets elsewhere, ensure that they’re made of brass. Brass offers the durability, resistance and lifespan necessary to create a long-lasting product that stands the test of time. Other materials will fall short.

Real Time Media Solutions offers high quality grommets, grommet kits and grommet machines. Our premium brass grommets are manufactured for Australia’s tropical weather, and will stand the test of time without rusting. We invite you to peruse our selection and contact us if you have questions.