Scraperite - Orange Scraperite - Blue Scraperite - Yellow Big Gripper
Heavy Duty Metal Scraper Retractable Metal Glass Scraper Tool Plastic Utility Scraper 100mm Blade wall Scraper-Long Handle
100mm Blade wall Scraper-Short Handle Mini Scraper 100mm Scraper 100mm Scraper with double edged blade
150mm Scraper with double edged blade Chizzler Clip Scraper Orange Plastic Locking Razor Blade Scraper with Safety Cap
Plastic Razor Blade Razor Scraper    

Sometimes, there’s no good way to remove adhesive material from shelving or glass. Stickers and mounting residue are eyesores, and it can take a very long time to remove them using solvent alone. Often, solvent isn’t enough to do the job on its own. That’s where scrapers come in. Real Time Media Solutions is proud to offer our customers access to a truly broad range of scrapers to handle virtually any needs. Whether you’re scraping drying caulk from the window of a newly constructed home or removing outdated pricing and item information from the front of a shelf, we have what you need.

We offer three versions of the popular Scraperite scraper – yellow, blue and orange. They’re ideal for use on almost any surface thanks to the unique blade material. It’s a synthetic composite and is about as hard as the human fingernail. It’s also highly resistant to chemicals, and can be used with solvents without worrying that they will dissolve or harm the scraper blade.

Each colour blade offers different capabilities. For instance, while orange blades will not scratch the paint on a car body, blue blades are better used on uneven surfaces (unfinished metal, for instance). Yellow blades are ideal for situations where rigidity is important, such as removing paint spatter, and is designed to work on surfaces like glass or tile.

Big Gripper
The Big Gripper scraper is designed just like the Little Gripper (featured with Scraperite blades), except that it features a longer handle for a stronger, surer grip for tough projects. The ergonomic design of this scraper helps to reduce hand fatigue during use, and uses plastic blades for safety without compromising performance.

Heavy Duty Metal Scrapers
While plastic and composite blades offer outstanding utility, sometimes you need the benefits of a heavy-duty metal scraper with a traditional metal blade. At Real Time Media Solutions, we offer high-quality heavy-duty scrapers that will help you get the job done. Our scrapers feature three blade positions and a contoured handle design to fit your hand better.

Metal Glass Scrapers
What do you do when paint overspray, caulk, sealant and other debris ends up on glass? You can spend hours scrubbing at it with solvent, or you can take immediate action with one of our metal glass scrapers. They’re retractable and feature several blade positions, and the handle is curved to fit your hand perfectly during use. When you’re done, use the hole at the bottom of the handle to hang the scraper for storage.

Wall Scrapers
Business owners know the headaches involved with removing stick-on signage and decals from their windows and walls. It can take hours with a handheld scraper. That’s where our wall scrapers come in – we offer both long and short-handled versions to fit your needs, and the 100 mm blade makes short work of just about any wall or large window.

Real Time Media Solutions remains dedicated to providing our customers with access to the highest quality tools, including the widest selection of scrapers on the market.