Adams - World's Best Suction Cups

Adams are the world's suction cup experts and their technical expertise is a big reason why they are the most skilled suction cup producer and world leaders in suction cup technology. Everyday suction cups have been manufactured by Adams in their own USA plants for over 25 years. Superior features shown below, deliver more reliable, safer and better looking high quality everyday suction cups than others on the market, which is why many companies choose Suction Cups Direct for their point of sale and OEM requirements. Adams suction cups are great value when compared to cheap, inferior, flimsy suckers found elsewhere. Adams patented light diffusing rings, stops a suction cup acting like a magnifying glass in sun light. Ordinary clear suctions cups concentrate light to a focal point which can damage interior surfaces such as upholstery, curtains, car seats and dashboards. Adams superior features Patented light diffusing rings - except 22mm top pilot- which are used in the product 22mm with barbed tacks. Adams suction cups hold up to 70% better than other cups due to thicker cross sections. Crystal clear suction cup for a professional look. World's first and only heavy-metal free material. UV stabilised to resist yellowing and deterioration. Adams have brass nuts (not plastic) on their screw and nut range. Easy removal with release tab - except 22mm diameter. Through years of R&D and testing, Adams have developed an in-depth understanding of the science and other variables involved with maximizing suction cup performance. They have developed the Adams Suction Cup Performance Rating System™ to facilitate their R&D efforts. Understanding how suction cups work. Gravity and friction are the two main forces that make it possible for suction cups to work. Gravity pulls the molecules in the air toward earth, creating atmospheric pressure of roughly 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level, which acts in all directions. When a suction cup is pushed onto a slick surface, the air underneath is expelled and a vacuum is created. As there is now no air pressure acting under the cup, only atmospheric pressure is being applied to the outside of the cup, so pushing it down onto the surface. Friction keeps the cup from sliding. Air can eventually leak back under the cup (so equalising the air pressure again), but a higher quality made suction cup dramatically slows downs this process and it performs better for longer. By further adding a patented quick release tab, (as seen on most of Adams suction cups) this eliminates the damage to the cup edge caused by the "finger nail picking action" used to remove or re-position cheaper suction cups.


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