Suction Cup with Top and Side Pilot Hole

Suction Cup with Top and Side Pilot Hole


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In Stock

This is an 85mm, giant, suction cup, which is very versatile with it’s power-gripping head for a multitude of hanging, mounting, or anchoring applications. This giant, heavy duty, suction cup has a top pilot hole measuring 11mm diameter, and a side pilot hole that travels through the cup to the other side, measuring 10mm. See technical drawing image for more details. This suction cup has hundreds of uses for windows, boats, cars, etc. Use with thin straps, cord, thin rope, flags, antennas or point-of-sale store fixtures. It fixes securely to any clean dry, slick, shiny, smooth non-porous surface like glass, mirrors, plastic, glazed ceramic tiles etc. The Adams suction cup has a quick release tab on it’s edge for quick re-positioning or removal which eliminates damage to the cup edge by a finger nail picking action used to remove cheaper cups. Patented safety light diffusing rings within Adams suction cups dissipates light rays so that a scorching focal point is not formed through and behind the cup in strong sunlight. Made in the USA

Why Adams?
Safety – Adams patented light diffusing rings, stops a suction cup acting like a magnifying glass in sun light. Ordinary clear suctions cups concentrate light to a focal point which can damage interior surfaces behind the suction cup such as upholstery, curtains, car seats and dashboards.

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