Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Signbond™ PE(polyethylene) Foam Tape -

A high tack double sided tape which is both economical and reliable.

Offers a permanent bonding to most substrates including fixing of number plates and signs etc:

Used for Auto car Decoration, Fixing Glass board, Aluminium Board,

Acrylic Board and Outdoor Advertising material.

24mmx50m 1mm Thickness

High tack High initial grab

Yellow Color

Very economical double sided tape

Comparable To

3M 1600T


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-002-12 Signbond PE Foam Tape- 12mmx50m 1Qty AU$ 10.00
RT-B-002-24 Signbond PE Foam Tape- 24mmx50m 1 Qty AU$ 20.00