Tool Bag
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Every aspect of this tool bag was built around the features vehicle graphics installers need to work efficiently and to protect their client’s vehicle from scratches that ordinary tool bags can cause due to exposed metal parts.

And to provide quick access to the tools car-wrappers and sign-makers need, the divided pockets are ideally sized for squeegees, tweezers, break-off-blade knives and bubble-poppers – not plumber or carpenter tools. That’s the beauty of a tool bag designed from the ground up, just for sign-making and car-wrapping.
Great features:
Rivet-free surface
Heavy-duty nylon fabric
8 different pockets
Extremely light approximately 6 ounces
L: 175mm x B: 175mm x H: 125mm (filled and closed)
Built-in pocket for your cards
Completely closable with velcro
Sewed in metal plate for seating magnets
Multifunctional carrying option