Sealit Pen

Sealit Pen
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iSee2 Sealit Pen is a fast and easy solution to edge sealing problems with vinyl applications.
Pen consists of a clear acrylic lacquer containing UV blocking agents, which drys in approximately 10 minutes after application.
The iSee2 Sealit Pen lacquer is applied with the nib of the pen to the edge of graphics that require protection from lifting, which may be caused by environmental exposure, cleaning or excessive contact.
This vinyl graphic edge sealer can also be used to fill the dents and correct the surface finish of a car body prior to wrapping.
When the time comes to remove the graphics, simply clean the surface with mineral spirits to remove any remaining sealer.

Sealit Pen is compatible with all vinyl, thermal, and digital prints. Simply follow the instructions that are included with each Sealit Pen for your specific application.