NT CUTTER A552P – 9mm Cartridge Cutter

NT CUTTER A552P – 9mm Cartridge Cutter
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  • NT-A552P
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  • NT-A552P-3
  • NT-A552P-1
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$9.50 In Stock

NT Cartridge Cutter
• The knife of choice for professional vehicle wrap installers
• It’s ROUNDED tip allows for easy gliding along vehicle surfaces like windows and metal grooves along doors and hood, etc
• It’s ergonomic and thick enough to fit comfortably in your hand making it easier to guide the knife where you want it and no let it get away from you
• Cartridge Holds up to 5 blades so you don’t have to keep switching out the old ones allowing for a continuous work flow
• It also comes with a clip that snaps off the blade segments

Standard duty snap off blade utility knife
Blade Size: 9mm
Multi-blade cartridge
Accommodates up to 5 blades
Heavy-duty ABS grip
With built-in blade snapper
# of blade included: 2
Replacement blade: BA-160, BA-50P
(BA-50SS, BA-51P, BA-53P and BA-40000-ON are also applicable)

Cutting Material: Paper, wallpaper, card stock, vinyl, film, shrink-wrap, etc.

Good for professional window tinting, car wrapping, sign making professionals, other industry professionals, etc.

Made in Japan (TAA designated)