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Most of us know the benefits of microfiber towels, and this amazingly soft Microfiber Towel 400mmx300mm holds up to seven times its weight in water. Oversized, it cleans and dries larger areas without leaving any scratches or marks. It comes in a bright green, yellow and blue color scheme to prevent it getting lost in the shop. Just spread it over the surface, drag it smoothly and see water eliminated instantly. Amazingly soft and absorbent, it is the oversized cloth you’ve been seeking to provide you with the best results. Machine washable, it requires special care to maintain its remarkable performance.

  • Amazing softness
  • Super absorbent fibers
  • Holds 7 times its weight in water
  • Super large wash and dry more area faster
  • Cleans as it dries, safe on all surfaces
  • Leaves no scratch in cleaning process
  • Item name:large microfiber drying towel
  • Material: 80% polyester & 20% polyamide
  • Color:yellow, Green and Blue
  • Item size: approx 300mmx400mm
How to use:
  • Spread the towel over the surface or fold it. Drag over flat ares as hood and roof to remove bulk of water. Use a circular motion to remove remaing water from back and sides of vehicle. Wring out excess water as needed.
Care Instrustions:
  • Machine or hand wash in cold water.
  • Can be machine dried on low heat.
  • Do not use dryer sheets as it can clog the fibers.
  • Do not dry with other producing fabrics.

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