45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter

45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter


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NT Professional mat cutter is designed for cutting 45-degree angle bevel straight edge on mat boards. Perfect for customizing your mat board and making decorative frames. To make architectural models, use this 45-degree cutter to cut mat boards into 45-degree bevel edges and join the edges together for a neat corner. Blade depth can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the material to be cut. This convenient and economical blade has four cutting edges so when it’s time to change your blade, simply turn the blade to an unused side. The non-slip rubber base is included to assist in keeping the straight edge in place when cutting. The easy-to-grip handle fits the hand comfortably for stability and control. Blade retracts automatically when not in use. High-quality blade is made from chromium and tungsten added carbon tool steel for higher abrasion resistance and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention. Made in Japan.

  • Mat board cutter
  • 45 degree bevel straight cut
  • Aluminum die-cast slide grip
  • Non-slip rubber base-sheet
  • # of blade included: 1
  • Replacement blade: BMC-45P
  • Cutting material: Mat board
  • Good to make decorative frames for pictures and photos, to make architectural models, and to frame artwork, etc.
  • Made in Japan (TAA designated)
  • Mat board cutter is known as picture frame mat cutter, photo mat cutter

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