China Wax Marker Pencils

 Standard china markers with a wax core wrapped in paper to peel as desired and a string pull. There is no need to sharpen these type of pencils as you just pull the string a little and peel some of the paper off.

China markers are useful for marking on a variety of surfaces including: fabric, glass, acrylic, plastic, metals, ceramics and other smooth surfaces. To remove the markings you can just wipe with a hot cloth to soften the wash the item depending on whichever is suitable.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-C-WPW Wax Pencil White-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00
RT-C-WPBLK Wax Pencil Black-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00
RT-C-WPR Wax Pencil Red-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00
RT-C-WPGR Wax Pencil Green-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00
RT-C-WPBLUE Wax Pencil Blue-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00
RT-C-WPYEL Wax Pencil Yellow-12Qty/Box 1 AU$ 10.00