Manual Trimmer and Stand Trimmers    

Whether you need to cut PVC banners or paper, foam or some other material, you need the right cutting tools. At Real Time Media Solutions, our range of cutters offer the precision you need, combined with the functionality and durability you demand. We’ve created a wide selection of cutters and cutter stands, enabling our customers to find the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

Features of Our Trimmers
Our trimmers are some of the most feature-rich in the industry. We offer outstanding quality and durability in a format ideal for virtually any needs. Our cutters:
• Are large enough to accommodate almost any project
• Are designed to handle cutting pop ups, PVC vinyl banners, roll ups, paper, foam boards and a wide range of other materials
• Use standard utility knife blades for easy replacement and plenty of cutting power
• Are manufactured from aluminium to offer outstanding strength as well as lightweight construction for portability
• Provide outstanding grip on almost any surface with two full length rubber strips affixed to the bottom

Our trimmers are available in a number of sizes to fit different operations, including 120 cm, 180 cm and a full 260 cm. We offer specific trimmers mounted on a trimmer stand, allowing plenty of cutting power at standing height, as well as standalone trimmers without stands that can be used in any work area. They’re also designed to be operated by a single person, which improves efficiency and productivity for businesses.

Why Choose One of Our Trimmers?
Whether you operate a sign business, or routinely need to cut or trim paper, vinyl or PVC down to fit specific applications, our trimmers are the perfect choice. There are several reasons for this. One of those is the ergonomically designed handle. It fits the curve of your hand perfectly, ensuring fluid cutting motion for the entire cut. All it takes to engage the blade is a single flex of the wrist, and the recessed cutting base both protects the blade from damage, and prevents potential damage or injury from contact with the blade.

Our cutter head moves on lineal bearings, ensuring an ultra-smooth cutting motion across the entire cutter. You can also take advantage of our optional squaring arm to provide you with even greater accuracy during cutting.

We offer one of the best warranties in the industry on our cutters as well. The main body is covered by a 24-month warranty, but we also guarantee the cutter head for the same amount of time. That provides you with peace of mind and quality assurance – you get a long lasting, accurate cutting solution that enhances productivity and quality.

Real Time Media Solutions has developed the widest range of tools and accessories for businesses and at-home use. From our outstanding cutters to our blades, scrapers, display stands, banner hangers and more, we have something to fit all of your needs. We back all of our products with the best reputation in the industry, and our dedication to customer service speaks for itself. If you’re considering one of our cutters but aren’t sure it’s the right choice for you, contact us today and speak with one of our experts to learn more.