Table Sign Clamps      
Polygonal Brass Standoffs
Triangle Polygonal Standoffs - Mirror Finish Triangle Polygonal Standoffs - Satin Finish Quadrangle Polygonal Standoffs - Mirror Finish Quadrangle Polygonal Standoffs - Satin Finish
Hexagon Polygonal Standoffs - Mirror Finish Hexagon Polygonal Standoffs - Satin Finish    
Lateral Lock Standoffs
SS Lateral Lock Standoffs 13mmx20mm Brass Dome Standoffs SS Lateral Lock Standoffs 18mmx20mm  
LED Sign Standoffs
LED Aluminum Standoffs      
Ceiling Hangers and Accessories
Sign Hanging kit - Model A Sign Hanging kit - Model B Sign Hanging kit - Model C Sign Hanging kit - Model D
Sign Hanging kit - Model E      
Aluminium Standoffs
Black Finish Aluminium Standoffs Blue Finish Aluminium Standoffs Gold Finish Aluminium Standoffs Matt Finish Silver Aluminium Standoffs
Red Finish Aluminium Standoffs Satin Mini Standoff White Finish Aluminium Standoffs Mirror Finish Silver Aluminium Standoffs
Copper Finish Aluminium Standoffs      
Stainless Steel Standoffs
Brushed SS Solid Standoff Heads with Long Thread Brushed Stainless Steel Standoffs-SS201 Hollow Standoffs 12mm Dia Hollow Standoffs 19mm Dia
Hollow Standoffs 25mm Dia Hollow Standoffs 30mm Dia Hollow Standoffs-SS201 Stainless Steel 316 Outdoor Stand offs
Mirror caps
Acrylic Sandwich Screw Caps Brass Mirror caps Stainless Steel Mirror Caps-SS201 Aluminium Satin Mirror caps
Edge Grip Standoffs
Edge Grip Standoffs-Silver Mirror Finish Edge Grip Standoffs-Silver Matt Finish Edge Grip Standoffs 19mmx25mm  
Panel Supports
Chrome Glass Shelf Bracket Adjustable Shelf Bracket Wall Mount-39mm Adjustable Shelf Bracket Wall Mount-50mm Fish Mouth Glass Clamp bracket
Glass clamp Mirror Holder Oval Glass Clamps -30mmx25mm Oval Glass Clamps -33mmx17mm
Rectangular Glass Clamp-20mm Rectangular Glass Clamp-27mm Rectangular Glass Clamp-55mm Vertical Aluminium Panel Support
Aluminium Glass Shelf Support      
Desktop Standoffs
Satin Finish Table Standoffs Mirror Finish Easel Display Satin Finish Easel Display Aluminium Gold Finish Standoffs 8mmx71mm(2Qty/Set)
SS Nameplate Holder      
Sign Locators
Cup & Peg locator letter fixing Cup & Peg locator-Small    
Special Standoffs
4-Way Sign Standoffs-Silver Mirror Finish 4-Way Sign Standoffs-Silver Matt Finish Zoom Standoffs  
Sign Clamps
Sign Clamp Type-A Sign Clamp Type-B    
Cable Display System
Cable Display Panel Holder Double Cable Display Panel Holder Single Ceiling Cable System Kit Wall Cable System Kit
Sign Standoffs with Locator
Aluminium Sign Standoffs with locator      

Are you looking for a unique way to add signage to your wall without using frames or conventional hangers? Our selection of standoffs offers good looks, sleek designs and the durability that our customers have come to expect from our products. We offer standoffs in a broad range of styles, sizes, colours and types to fit both your store’s décor and your clientele.

What Are Standoffs?
Simply put, standoffs are an alternative option to using stands, hangers and other fixtures to mount your signage. They can be used indoors or out, and can be used with architectural signs, directional signs, company directories, informational signs and a great deal more.

How Do I Install Standoffs?
All standoffs install in the same way, regardless of size or finish. It takes only three steps – drill the hole for the standoff, screw the standoff into the wall, and then tighten the cap through the sign panel and into the standoff. That’s it – you now have a permanent mounting solution for your sign that adds character and will stand the test of time.

Standoff Types
We’re proud to offer a range of standoff sizes and finishes to meet different needs. Each customer has a different aesthetic in mind, and to that end, we offer matte finish silver aluminium standoffs, mirror finish silver aluminium standoffs, brushed stainless steel standoffs, hollow standoffs and mirror finished brass gold standoffs.

In addition, we also offer 4-way sign standoffs in several colours and finishes. These include matte silver and mirror silver. Our Edge Grip Standoffs are available in mirrored silver as well, and grip your sign by the edge, providing an interesting visual as well as plenty of stability and durability.

The Benefits of This Type of Mounting
You’ll find a wide range of benefits with this type of sign mounting solution. First, it’s highly visible, but extremely stylish, which can add a great deal to your business’ image in the minds of customers. Second, standoffs are extremely durable, and some finishes (stainless steel, for instance) can last an immensely long time with very little maintenance.

Other Options
Want the look of standoffs, but not the actual product itself? We have several options that can fit your needs, whether you’re interested in an industrial design for countertop sign holders or you’re trying to tie in with the design of an exterior sign that does use standoffs.

Our brass mirror caps are ideal for use with corrugated plastic signs, as well as with wall-mounted posters and other signage, and are used to cover the screws necessary to mount acrylic posters. You’ll also find acrylic sandwich screw caps that mimic the look of larger, metal standoffs. We also stock peg and cup locator fixings for individual letters in signs. For indoor signage, we can offer two types of easel displays that feature standoff design in a simple to use format.

Real Time Media Solutions provides outstanding mounting options for clients large and small. From standoffs to banner frames and more, we can help you spread the word about your business.