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Standee Support

Standees offer dramatic visibility for products, literature and advertising messages. Whether you opt for a cardboard cutout or prefer another material, there’s no denying the effectiveness here. However, you’ll need a way to support those standees or they’ll fall flat. While you can certainly attach them to a wall or suspend them from a beam or even the ceiling, you’ll find that they make the most impact when they’re freestanding on the floor. Our selection of standee support solutions gives you several ways to make that impact.

Standard Cardboard Struts
Standees are lightweight, and require lightweight support. Our range of standard cardboard struts provide rigidity combined with lightweight construction to ensure easy portability for your application. We offer several different sizes of cardboard struts, including A5, A4 and A3, each of which can be used with adhesive mounting tape. All of our struts are ideal for displaying signs and boards.

Cardboard Jumbo Standee Struts
If you have larger standees, then you need larger supports. Our jumbo cardboard standee struts fit the bill nicely. You’ll find that these are large enough to support a broad range of display types, including literature displays, life-size cutouts and a great deal more. They are available in two sizes – 1 meter and 1.5 meters. Both sizes feature an extended base for stronger support on the floor, as well as being foldable for easy portability wherever you need to move it. All of our struts ship in flat packaging as well.

Metal Standee Support
Sometimes, cardboard isn’t the right material for your needs. Whether you have a certain image to uphold or you simply want a streamlined support behind your display, our metal standee support can help. We offer this support in both 1,000 mm and 1,500 mm sizes, and you’ll find that while the metal is strong and durable, it’s also very lightweight. The fact that it’s made of metal means that it will hold up through years of hard use as well, helping you to maximize your investment.

What Can You Use Standee Supports For?
Our cardboard and metal standee supports are ideal for almost any needs. Our standard cardboard struts can be used to support countertop, POS and shelf displays for sale signage, new product signage and more. Our jumbo struts can support much larger displays, including large signs and even cardboard display systems designed to hold booklets, brochures and other literature. Of course, our metal standee supports are the perfect solution for displays that need a minimalist design to support them – full-size figure cutouts are just one example. There are dozens of other possibilities depending on your industry or niche.

At Real Time Media Solutions, we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with high quality, durable solutions to their needs. We’ve built a reputation for outstanding customer service and value, and we’re proud to serve a broad range of industries, as well as individuals. Our customer service department is always happy to answer questions or concerns from you as well.