Plastic Poster Grip Hangers- Type B

Plastic Poster Grip- Type B The Plastic Poster Grips are one of the simplest and cheapest methods for displaying light weight posters. They are supplied as a set consisting of one top rail, one bottom rail and two plastic hanging loops. Available Sizes 900mm 1200mm We do not recommend using the Poster Grip Hangers in direct sunlight or directly under hot lights as some warping of the rails may occur when subjected to high heat. For this reason, this product is generally used for short-term promotional events and replaced for each campaign.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-L-B-900 18mm(W)x900mm(L)-2 Plastic Grips&2Hooks 1SET AU$ 4.50
RT-L-B-1200 18mm(W)x1200mm(L)-2 Plastic Grips&2Hooks 1SET AU$ 5.50
RT-l-B-HOOKS 2 Plastic Hooks 2Qty/Set AU$ 1.00