Sew On Hook & Loop Tape - Black Colour

Sew on (non-adhesive) tape is an ideal replacement for zips and buttons on clothing and has many, many uses in manufacturing - from security the lining of cars, making bag closures and in furniture upholstery.

The tape is easy to sew through and will go through a sewing machine with no problems - you can also staple to surfaces if you need a stronger grip. If you're looking to put posters or other objects on the wall, you need the self-adhesive tape which is also available on our site. 

Hook and Loop on separate rolls Size - 25mmx25m. 50mmx25m




*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-SEW-BH-25 Sew On Hook-25mmx25m- Black 1 Roll AU$ 10.00
RT-B-SEW-BL-25 Sew On Loop-25mmx25m- Black 1 Roll AU$ 10.00
RT-B-SEW-BH-50 Sew On Hook-50mmx25m- Black 1 Roll AU$ 20.00
RT-B-SEW-BL-50 Sew On Loop-50mmx25m- Black 1 Roll AU$ 20.00