Hook and Loop Dots -16mm/1200Dots Per Roll

 The hook and loop dots are ideal for larger posters and signs etc Simply peel off the dots and stick to desired surface High quality adhesive, suitable for most substrates Ideal for posters, signs and number plates etc

Hook and Loop on separate rolls


16mm Dia -1200Qty/Roll


White and Black


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-006-WHD-16 Adhesive Hook-Dot-16mm-1200 dots/roll-White 1Roll AU$ 25.00
RT-B-006-WLD-16 Adhesive Loop-Dot-16mm-1200 dots/roll-White 1Roll AU$ 25.00
RT-B-006-BHD-16 Adhesive Hook-Dot-16mm-1200 dots/roll-Black 1Roll AU$ 25.00
RT-B-006-BLD-16 Adhesive Loop-Dot-16mm-1200 dots/roll-Black 1Roll AU$ 25.00

Hook and Loop Dots – Velcro Dots

Velcro is an undeniably useful material. Whether you’re creating closures for pockets and bags or a new way to seal a tent flap, you’ll find hook and loop material does an excellent job. While most Velcro comes in rolls of flat material that must be cut into rectangular or square sections to fit your project, Real Time Media Solutions offers something different – our hook and loop dots are the perfect answer to projects and processes where rectangular and square sections of Velcro don’t work.

How They’re Used
Hook and loop dots provide a convenient solution for hanging any number of things, ranging from posters to signs to number plates and more. They’re self-adhesive, so all you have to do is peel the backing off the dot, and apply it to the mounting surface (walls, etc.). Repeat the process for the dots you’ll be using to attach the sign, poster or other item, and then mount it easily. When the time comes to take it down, you can do so easily – just pull it off.
Hook and loop dots can be used for any number of different purposes, and the adhesive is usable with most substrates, including paint, metal, sheetrock and even wood. Make sure the surface is clean and free of debris before applying the dot for the strongest hold.
We also ship our hook and loop dots on separate rolls – you’ll receive one roll with hooks and one roll with loops, ensuring that you can easily organise them and never have to worry about mixing them up while applying these Velcro dots.

Our hook and loop dots come in two different sizes to fit different needs. Our standard dots are 16 mm in diameter, and come 1200 to a roll. However, for jobs where larger dots are required, we offer 22 mm dots, which come 900 to a roll. Both are available in either white or black as well. Each roll has a centre hole so they can be easily mounted for ongoing dispensing needs.

Dots vs. Other Mounting Methods
There is no shortage of mounting solutions out there today. While our hook and loop dots are certainly very effective, they may or may not be the right solution for your particular needs. To help you determine which mounting method works best for your situation, follow the steps below:
Permanence – Will the sign, poster or other item being mounted be permanent or semi-permanent? If you will not be changing the sign on a regular basis, you might opt for a different mounting solution, such as double-sided tape.
Weight – While our look and loop dots are very strong, they’re not ideal for mounting very heavy items. If your sign is weighty, you might consider another of our many available mounting systems, such as our standoffs.

At Real Time Media Solutions, we strive to provide outstanding solutions to pressing needs, enabling our customers to do more and save more. We invite you to consider our selection of mounting solutions and find the option that works best for you.