Adhesive Hook and Loop - 25mmx25m

Katovi is the Australia's most reliable Hook and Loop Fastener and is supplied in White and Black Hook & Loop Tapes with an adhesive backing. Number 1 choice for the Exhibition & Display industry worldwide!

Hook and Loop on separate rolls Size - 25mmx25m.

Color - White and Black

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*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-006-WH Katovi Adhesive Hook Roll 25mmx25m-White 1 Roll AU$ 17.50
RT-B-006-WL Katovi Adhesive Loop Roll 25mmx25m-White 1 Roll AU$ 17.50
RT-B-006-BH Katovi Adhesive Hook Roll 25mmx25m-Black 1 Roll AU$ 17.50
RT-B-006-BL Katovi Adhesive Loop Roll 25mmx25m-Black 1 Roll AU$ 17.50

Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop
When you need to affix two different items to one another, but don’t want that bond to be permanent, what do you use? Savvy individuals use hook and loop material. This ensures a firm, secure grip, but also the ability to remove the items. It’s perfect for creating a removable mounting solution for virtually anything, but hook and loop material can be used for many other needs. Self-adhesive hook and loop material gives you the ability to affix your solution virtually anywhere, as well.

A Closer Look at Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Products
Hook and loop products work by connecting thousands of tiny hooks with miniscule loops. Generally, there are two sides at work – the hook side is attached to one surface, and the loop side to another. When they’re pressed together, the hooks attach to the loops and create a very strong bond (you’re familiar with this under the brand name Velcro® but there are numerous other brands available).

You’ll find self-adhesive hook and loop products available in a variety of different formats. There are strips that can be cut to size, as well as various sized circular formats that come precut. Circular (dot) shapes come affixed to sheets, providing an easy means of storage and removal.

Strips or Dots?
Which is right for your needs, strips or dots? Actually, they might both fit your requirements. It really depends on what you’re affixing with the self-adhesive hook and loop material. For instance, you can use the dots to affix small and medium items with larger flat surfaces. The strips are better for items with longer surfaces.

Choose Your Size
At Real Time Media Solutions, we strive to deliver the right formats, sizes and product types for our customers. We offer self-adhesive hook and loop material in a range of sizes and types. For instance, you’ll find self-adhesive dots available in 16 mm and 22 mm formats (16 mm includes 1200 dots per roll, while 22 mm includes 900). For strips, we offer 25 mm x 25 m formats, as well as 50 mm x 25 m formats. This allows you to cut the ideal length needed to suit your immediate project. As you can see, both offer significant differences, and many of our customers find it useful to keep both styles on hand.

We also stock the Wrap-One, which is a strap made from hook and loop material. It’s ideal for holding together printed materials, and can also be used to secure signage in place, as well as for numerous other needs.

You can use self-adhesive hook and loop material in almost any situation. You really only need a clean, solid surface to which to affix the adhesive. It can be used to allow easy mounting and dismounting of signs, placards, and a great deal more, both within a business environment, as well as at home.

Real Time Media Solutions takes great pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality materials, and that includes our self-adhesive hook and loop supplies.