Self Adhesive Hook and Loop

Adhesive Hook and Loop - 25mmx25m Adhesive Hook and Loop - 50mmx25m Hook and Loop Dots- 22mm/900Dots Per Roll Hook and Loop Dots -16mm/1200Dots Per Roll

Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop

Where do you turn when you need a mounting solution that offers easy, simple removal? Whether you’re about to hang seasonal signage, posters for a limited time sale, or some other time-sensitive material, you need the right mounting material. There are plenty of options on the market, but few of them match the strength, versatility and ease of use of our self-adhesive hook and loop options.

The Benefits of Our Adhesive Backing
While sew on hook and loop material is ideal for use with clothing and fabric, it’s not right for other applications. Our self-adhesive hook and loop material can adhere to almost any substrate, including paper, glass, wood, paint, metal and sheetrock to name just a few. All you need to do is peel off the backing and apply the material to your chosen location. You get a no fuss, no hassle installation process that doesn’t require applying glue or anything else. Just peel and stick.

The Power of Hook and Loop
If you think that hook and loop material is only useful for closures or mounting extremely small items, it’s time to rethink things. Our material is strong enough to support most types of signage, and versatile enough to make it the most popular option for tradeshows and display use. Strong, flexible and reusable, it’s one of the best choices for mounting temporary signage or displays.

Choose the Format Right for You
We understand there are many different needs when it comes to mounting signs, posters, numbers and other items. While some items might be best mounted using square or rectangular pieces of hook and loop material, others might benefit from our hook and loop dots. Both feature the strength and self-adhesive capabilities you expect, but they’re suited for different purposes.

One of the most significant advantages of our hook and loop rolls is that they are customizable in terms of length. Whether you need a small square, a longer rectangle, or a long strip, you can easily cut just as much as you need. Then, just peel the backing off and apply it to your material as well as the mounting location. It’s as simple as that. For smaller projects, our hook and loop dots can work very well (particularly for smaller signs, posters and the like).

Multiple Sizes and Quantities for Your Convenience
We understand that different clients have different needs in terms of roll length and material quantity. That’s why we offer our self-adhesive hook and loop material and dots in varying quantities and sizes. Choose from 25 mm x 25 m rolls of black or white, or opt for a wider format with our 50 mm x 25 m options. Our hook and loop dots are available in both 26 mm and 22 mm formats to ensure that you get the perfect solution for your needs.

Real Time Media Solutions is proud to deliver the highest quality hook and loop options for our customers, but we can also offer a range of other highly effective sign mounting systems.