Scraperite - Blue

These blades are manufactured using a Lexan, or polycarbonate, blend of material and is the toughest and most ductile of all compounds. This blade will maintain its edge for a longer period of time than the other blades but may scratch very delicate surfaces. For example, this blade may scratch the paint on the car and other plastics but is ideal for use on uneven surfaces like unpainted aluminum or fiberglass materials. When used with acetone, these blades will soften and turn milky with repeated use. The will work fine with most household cleaners. Best for...... Fiberglass & Gelcoat Soft Metals Tiles Uneven Surfaces


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-I-CDB/PCB Handle+ Blue Blade 1Qty AU$ 1.50
RT-I-SR5/PCB Handle+ 5 Blue Blades 1Qty AU$ 5.00
RT-I-SR25/PCB Handle+ 25 Blue Blades 1QTY AU$ 10.00