Safety Rulers

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Safety Rulers
Whether you’re cutting display signs to fit your new banner stands, cloth to create a new advertising display or something else, you need the right tools for the job. You certainly need a reliable, high quality cutting implement, but don’t neglect the need to follow a straight line while ensuring safety for the person doing the cutting. That’s where Real Time Media Solutions’ safety rulers come in – you’ll find these durable, accurate, lightweight safety rulers enhance your ability to get projects done while safeguarding you from potential harm.

Key Qualities in a Safety Ruler
A quick look at the market will show you a broad range of safety ruler types, from metal to plastic. However, not all rulers live up to their name – “safety” rulers should really provide you with the means to protect your hands from the danger of a cutting blade. What qualities should you look for in a safety ruler worthy of that particular name?

Construction Material – One of the first qualities is the material from which the ruler is made. Plastic safety rulers should be marked off the list immediately. All but the very thickest plastic can be easily cut with the right implement, which means they really don’t do much good at protecting your hands. Instead, opt for a metal safety ruler, such as those we offer at Real Time Media Solutions.
Of course, not all metal types are right for your needs, either. Steel is very strong, but it’s also enormously heavy. Instead, opt for an aluminium body with a stainless steel cutting edge (our Blue Banner Safety Ruler, for instance).

Width of the Ruler – The ruler’s width affects much more than just its overall size. The wider the ruler is, the more space you have to place your hand behind the guard and hold the ruler in place while you work. Make sure the ruler is wide enough to accommodate your hand. As each user’s hands differ in size, you will need to choose the width that is most suitable for you.

Finger Guard – Safety rulers come with finger guards, but not all finger guards are created equal. Look for a safety ruler that features a curved finger guard that goes up and over your hand. This will ensure that even major slips don’t result in injury. Behind the finger guard there should be security grooves to provide extra grip during use. Non-slip technology should also be incorporated on the back of the ruler to provide a firm grip on the table or other cutting surface.

The Right Length – Different projects require different sized rulers. Never use a ruler that’s too small for the job, or you run the risk of injury. At Real Time Media Solutions, we provide multiple sizes of safety rulers to ensure that you always have access to the right tool for the job.

Safety rulers are vital tools for a wide range of needs, but you must ensure that you purchase the right tool for the job.