Foam Swabs

MicroTex™ Print head Cleaning Swabs are ideal for your printer maintenance. With a large rectangular foam head and a long handle you can reach the print head nozzle plates, capping station and wipers with ease. Pack of 100 cleaning swabs for solvent and water based inkjet printers to clean around the capping stations and print heads. Don't let clogs or build up damage your machine or ruin your customers' order.

MicroTex™ swabs can be used to clean the wiper blades, capping stations, and printer heads & dies during routine maintenance.

Packing: 100 pieces per bag, 5 bags per carton

Also available in Single Head and Double Head


Suitable for Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson, Seiko, Hp............


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-D-003-SS MicroTex Single Head Foam Swabs 100 Pcs/bag AU$ 45.00
RT-D-004-SD MicroTex Double Head Foam Swabs 100 Pcs/bag AU$ 55.00

Foam Swabs

At Real Time Media Solutions, we’re intimately familiar with the complexity and difficulty involved with cleaning printers and other related equipment. To that end, we’ve developed a full line of printer maintenance consumables, which include foam swabs. Our swabs are the ideal way to get in deep and clean your printer’s internal components without having to use a wipe. Whether your printer is small and hard to get into, or you just need greater precision, you’ll find that our swabs are more than adequate.

Precision Rectangular Tips
The problem with many cleaning swabs is that they’re made with rounded tips. However, our foam swabs feature long, rectangular tips. This provides the maximum cleaning surface possible, combined with the ability to easily clean corners and other tight areas where rounded tips would never fit.

Long Handles
How often have you struggled to use a cleaning swab because the handle was too short? We’ve solved that problem with our longer handles. Each of our MicroTex foam swabs features a handle designed to be long enough that you can easily reach into the interior of your printer and clean the print heads, nozzle plates and wipers without any hassle.

Durable Foam
Unlike other swabs on the market, ours feature high-density, strong foam. They’re designed to provide outstanding durability and will not crumble or tear. This is important because it eliminates the potential for leaving behind additional debris in your printer after cleaning. Some swabs can tear, leaving fragments of foam behind. Those fragments can clog nozzles and cause other problems. Our swabs help ensure your printer remains perfectly functional at all times.

Order in Bulk
Where other retailers might offer swabs in packs of 10, 20 or even 50, we go above and beyond. We pack 100 swabs in each bag, and each carton contains five bags. That gives you 500 swabs from each box. You’ll never worry that you’ll have to double or triple order product to ensure you have enough on hand for regular printer cleaning. With 500 swabs per carton, you’ll always be able to keep your machine in pristine condition.

Use It on Your Printer
Some swabs aren’t compatible with certain types of printers. However, we’ve ensured that ours work with the leading brands on the market. That includes HP, Roland, Epson, Mutoh, Seiko and others. Working with cleaning consumables compatible with your machine offers peace of mind, but it also ensures that you’re not inadvertently causing damage to your printer. We can also offer our print head cleaning swabs in both single and double head format to ensure you get the right solution for your specific needs.

Real Time Media Solutions takes pride in ensuring that our customers have the right tools for the job, and that includes cleaning and maintaining your printer. With our foam swabs, you’ll be able to ensure high quality output for your own customers, and prevent damaging clogs and costly breakdowns. We also offer a wide range of other printer maintenance consumables, including wipes, gloves and more.