Printer Maintenance Consumables

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Printer Maintenance Consumables

Printing, whether on a small or large scale, requires the right maintenance supplies. Ink and toner buildup must be cleaned, encoder assemblies must be cleaned and many other steps must be taken to maintain your printer. At Real Time Media Solutions, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to properly maintain a printer, and our selection of printer maintenance consumables will help you get the job done. We provide a broad range of tools to fit your needs and your printer type.

Lint Free Wipes
For larger printers, these lint free wipes are the ideal solution. They allow you to easily clean print heads and more. Of course, they’re free of lint thanks to their high-tech precision engineering, and their soft surfaces will never scratch or damage delicate equipment. If you have a digital or optical printer, these wipes will help you keep things in perfect condition. We also offer our lint free wipes in different sizes and quantities. Our 220 x 220 mm wipes come in packages of 150 each, while our 100 x 100 mm wipes come in packages of 500.

Foam Swabs
These foam swabs feature a unique design and form that enables you to easily reach all the components in your printer in need of cleaning. The large, rectangular head is designed to easily clean buildup from nozzle plates, and the extra-long handle ensures that you can reach deep into the printer, including the wiper. Each bag contains 100 swabs, and each carton contains 5 bags.

Cotton Gloves
Whether you’re working in cleanroom conditions or just want to ensure that you don’t damage sensitive printer components, these cotton gloves are the ideal solution. These are also excellent options for those working with printed material, photographs and other sensitive media types where fingerprints, smudges and oils from hands could cause irreparable damage.

Nitrile Gloves
Whether you’re sensitive to latex or simply prefer synthetic latex to natural latex, our nitrile gloves give you protection, a firm grip and lots of puncture resistance. They’re sterile and perfect for protecting both your hands and sensitive printing equipment, and can safeguard your hands from dangerous chemicals as well.

Dust Removing Cloths
At Real Time Media Solutions, we understand that print media requires the right tools for the job, and that’s why we’ve introduced our “sticky” dust removing cloths. These are specially designed specifically for print media, allowing you to prepare the surface without the threat of dust.

Solvent Resistant Syringes
Injecting solvent to clean away debris and buildup can be a tricky process, which is why we’ve started offering these solvent resistant syringes. They stand up to even harsh chemical solvents, allowing you to keep your printing equipment in top condition for longer. The resilient plastic design also maximises your investment by allowing you to purchase fewer syringes over time.

Real Time Media Solutions understands the intricate needs of printer maintenance, and our range of consumables will fit your requirements perfectly.