Twin Core Tape Dispenser

H11/CP box sealing hand dispenser with adjustable brake helps the operator apply the tape easily. Designed for use with most self adhesive tapes (not suitable for gummed tapes). The dispenser has a special built in brake, which adjust easily for various tapes unwinding speeds. To add tape to the dispenser: the roll is put on the tape wheel such that the adhesive side of the tape faces the handle. Pull the end of the tape between the tape guide roller and the metal plate until the tape is free of wrinkles. It is quite comfortable in use, and getting the tape into the dispenser is very easy. This pistol grip tape dispenser is the first choice for fast and efficient carton sealing.



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RT-N-004 Twin Core Tape Dispenser 1 Qty AU$ 16.00

Technical data:
Manufacturers part number: H11/CP
Spec: tape cutting
Material: iron & plastic
Dimensions: 50mm/120mm/76mm
Max width (takes tape up to): 50mm wide x 66m
Operating speed: manual

Product caracteristics:
Suitable for use with the 50mm wide packing tape and fragile tape
The best way to increase productivity in box closing
Easy to load and use
Lightweight and portable
Saves time and money