Self Adhesive Edging Tape

This product construction is a flexible, paper based self adhesive edging tape that helps to give you a decorative finish on products and applications that have an exposed edge or side.

Available Colours : White & Black

*This is a flexible paper based, self adhesive edging tape and is not suitable for use on chipboard*

We highly recommend testing with your own application first.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-B-ET10W Edging Tape White - 10mmx25m 1 AU$ 15.00
RT-B-ET20W Edging Tape White - 20mmx25m 1 AU$ 17.50
RT-B-ET10B Edging tape Black - 10mmx25m 1 AU$ 15.00
RT-B-ET20B Edging Tape Black- 20mmx25m 1 AU$ 17.50