Grommet Hand Tool Kit - Medium(11.9mm)

Complete Set includes Following:

1. Hole punch

2. 11.9mm size die set

 • It is specialy made for  Premium Brass Grommets for Outdoor Applications.

Installation Guide:

1. Measure where you want the center of your grommet and mark with a pencil.

2.Take the grommet hole punch and center it on your mark, make a Hole.

3. On right side of fabric, insert the main grommet piece (the one with the protrusion) through the hole. On the wrong side of your fabric, place the ring on top of the protrusion with the domed side facing up.

4.Take the short, round grommet tool with the hole through the middle and place it on a solid surface.

The top of this piece has a small groove in it so that the right side of the grommet fits down in it a bit. Now place the larger grommet tool down through the center hole of the grommet. Check to make sure you are going to pound the grommet in place with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Hit solidly with the hammer five times. Check to make sure the seal is tight around the ring.



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RT-IS-MDKIT 11.9mm Grommet Hand Tool kit 1Qty AU$ 19.00
RT-IS-MD-100S 11.9mm-Brass Silver Grommets-100qty/pack 100Qty Pack AU$ 11.50
RT-IS-MD-500S 11.9mm-Brass Silver Grommets-500qty/pack 500Qty Pack AU$ 35.00
RT-IS-MD-100G 11.9mm-Brass Gold Grommets-100qty/pack 100Qty Pack AU$ 11.50
RT-IS-MD-500G 11.9mm-Brass Gold Grommets-500qty/pack 500Qty Pack AU$ 35.00