Fabric Cutter Hot Knife

The Fabric Cutter designed cutting round or irregular shapes. This small, convenient cutter is suited for work such as pattern departments, cutting out awning, filter cloths, sail materials and other fabrics as well as for cutting and welding synthetic cords, webbing, and ropes.

A blade takes 6-8 seconds to heat up to approximately 500 degrees. Virtually eliminates fabric cutting fraying.

The heat can be approximately controlled by using the on/off action on the handle. Also, perfect for cutting Sunbrella, Para, Tempotest, Dickson, Stattler, TopGun and similar Fabrics.

The Fabric Cutter Hot Knife Cuts & Seals Sail, Canvas, Cloth and other Synthetic Fabrics


Hot Knife Fabric Cutter Includes Tool, R Blade, Case & Cleaning Brush Designed Especially to Hot Knife Cut Synthetic Fabric, Sail Cloth, Webbing, Ropes & Cords Heats Up in Seconds





*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-Q-003 Fabric Cutter Hot Knife 1Qty AU$ 175.00
RT-Q-003-CF Cutting Foot 1 Qty AU$ 20.00
RT-Q-003-F F Blade 1 Qty AU$ 20.00