Double Sided Cloth Tape

This self adhesive tape features a cloth carrier coated with a unique rubber adhesive that is very aggressive, providing strong bonds to surfaces such as: metal and wood, whilst being age resistant and giving clean peel on removal.

Feature Information:

Adhesive with high tack

Moderate shear

High adhesiveness.


Adhesive Information

Usage information:

This double-sided, self-adhesive tape with cloth carrier is idea for: carpet laying, gluing felt and felt pads, fixing heel reinforcements - in the footwear industry - and lamination of various materials. The Rayon cloth tape is a very versatile tape which provides a strong durable bond.

Application information:

Surface preparation is paramount for achieving the required bond when using this pressure sensitive adhesive. Read our Surface Preparation and Application Guide for more information.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces need to be dry and clean, which requires the removal of any moisture, grease, or dust. If there is any contamination on the surface at point of contact, then the adhesive will quite simply form its bond with this and not the original surface.It is strongly recommended that IPA (isopropynol alcohol) be used as a cleaning agent, due to its ability to evaporate quickly and without leaving greasy residues. Using tissue paper or lint free cloth, wipe the surfaces in one direction only to avoid re-contamination.





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RT-B-005-48DS Double Sided Cloth Tape 48mmx25m 1Qty AU$ 10.00
AU$ 5.00