Corflute Cutters

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Corflute Cutters

Corrugated plastic is found in a staggering range of places, from outdoor signs to displays and much, much more. However, one of the challenges with this material is cutting it. Whether you’re dealing with 3 mil or 4-5 mil thick corrugated plastic, you need the right tools. Scissors, box cutters and other tools might work in a pinch, but you’ll quickly discover that you’re really doubling your work. Corflute cutters give you the ability to cut the job down to size, as well as other capabilities.

What’s a Corflute Cutter?
The individual sections within a piece of corrugated plastic are called “flutes”. A corflute cutter is designed to cut through these sections effortlessly. With scissors and other cutters, you run the risk of cutting outside the flute, or otherwise damaging it. This can easily ruin the entire piece. However, by using a corflute cutter, you’re able to cut within the flutes. You can also cut just one side of the plastic, creating an easily foldable surface.
A corflute cutter is a specially designed tool made specifically for working with corrugated plastic. Whether you’re a shop owner trimming a sign to fit your display, or you work in a sign shop and need to trim down plastic to fit order specifications, these cutters are invaluable tools.
The specially designed heads allow you to cut through flutes and plastic easily, but they also offer adjustability. Need to create a display from corrugated plastic? Just score a single side of the plastic and fold it over. It’s that simple. Need to cut through the entire piece? Just use the entire cutting head and you’re done.

The Blades
The unique cutting heads of corflute cutters are the real key to their utility. You’ll find that each unit has a double head with two cutters. This is to allow users to cut just one side of the plastic or slice through both sides as needed. Simply insert the blade inside the flute and draw the cutter down to cut through one side. To cut both sides, slide one head inside the flute and place the other head on the outside of the plastic and cut as normal.

Choose the Right Size
Like corrugated plastic itself, corflute cutters come in different sizes. You’ll find cutters made specifically for handling 3 mil plastic, as well as those designed to handle thicker 4 or 5 mil plastic. Using the right tool is vital, as a cutter designed for 3 mil plastic will not be able to cut through 4 or 5 mil material without considerable force exerted, which increases your risk of damaging the plastic or causing yourself injury.
Real Time Media Solutions offers a range of other corflutes and related tools. We can supply you with a corflute cutter capable of handling 10 mm thick material if necessary. We also stock Coro-locks and Coro pins as well.

Whether you’re a shop creating signs for customers or an end customer with some trimming needs, corflute cutters are ideal solutions.