BS40 - H 1.6mm x W 6.4mm BS40 Black - H 1.6mm x W 6.4mm BS07 - H 2.2mm x W 8.5mm BS10 - H 3mm x W 10mm
BS02 - H 5mm x W 11.11mm BS01 - H 3.5mm x W 12.7mm BS01-Black - H 3.5mm x W 12.7mm BS05 - H 1.5mm x W 12.7mm
BS32 - H 3mm x W 12.7mm BS08 Black - H 9.6mm x W 17.8mm BS08 - H 9.6mm x W 17.8mm BS41 - H 5.1mm x W 19.8mm
BS34-Black - H 3.2 mm x W 9.5mm BS44-Black - H 4.1 mm x W 19.1 mm    


Whether you’re working in a shop or a retail store, you have cabinets used for storage. Chances are good that each slam of a cabinet door not only echoes across your area, but it’s also doing structural damage to the cabinet and door as well. Over time, repeated use will actually cause the door to begin splitting. Even doors made of real wood will eventually fail over time. You can prevent that by using bumpons – rubber bumpers applied to the inside edge of the door to soften the contact when closing the door and to dampen noise.

What Are Bumpons?
Bumpons are also called bumpers, and they’re very simple accessories. They’re made of rubber, usually clear in color, but they can also be found in a range of other colors to meet your needs. Bumpons come on sheets to protect the adhesive on their backs. The number of bumpons per sheet and number of sheets per box will vary depending on the shape and size of the bumpon design. Some of the most popular shapes include:
• Cylindrical
• Hemispherical
• Square
Sizes range from 1.5 mm x 12.7 mm to 17.8 mm and everything in between. Some are even longer, coming in at 19.8 mm. This ensures that you’re able to get the right solution to fit your application. Different sizes work for different needs – a larger cabinet door would require a larger bumpon, for instance.

Why Use Bumpons?
There are numerous reasons to use these accessories, but the two most common are as follows:
Quieting Door Closing – Cabinet doors can cause loud noises when closed hard. While felt and bumpers of similar material can help to dampen that noise, bumpons are the better choice. The rubber absorbs the force of closing, eliminating slamming.
Prevent Damage – As mentioned previously, even wooden doors can be damaged over time simply by closing them. The contact with the doorframe will eventually damage the finish and lead to cracking. The harder the door is shut, the faster this will happen. Using rubber bumpers helps to disperse the force, providing a much longer lifespan for the door.

Where Can Bumpons Be Used?
These rubber bumpers are ideal for use in a wide range of locations, although cabinet doors are the most common. They can be used in any situation where contact between one surface and another is unwanted and creates either noise or the potential for damage to one or both surfaces.
However, they can also be used in many other applications, not all of which deal with noise elimination or damage prevention. They can be used as “feet” when an item needs to be raised from the surface on which it rests. For instance, a cutting board can be raised from the countertop’s surface using small bumpons. The same applies for electronics, where airflow under the unit will help ensure better cooling.
Real Time Media Solutions offers a wide range of bumpon styles and sizes to ensure you have the right option for your application.