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In Stock

APP Emblem Tape is all-purpose transparent acrylic tape mounting emblems and trademarks to car body.
APP Emblem Tape is resistant to weather conditions. Special acrylic adhesive guarantees strong bonding resistant to washing at car wash also.
User Manual:
1. Degrease the emblem and the surface of car body with APP W900 remover.
2. Remove the protective film from tape sheet.
3. Place the emblem back against the tape sheet and press evenly; (optionally tear the emblem out and place it again
against the tape sheet, to provide stronger adhesion)
4. Position the emblem on car body.
5. Press evenly the emblem against car body.
Total strength is obtained after 24 hours. Minimum ambient temperature: +15°C. Bonding thermal strength:
– 40°C to +90°C.

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