Wrapmag Stud Bar Magnets

• The explosion in demand for custom vehicle wraps and paint replacement has generated lots of interest in tools that make complex vehicle graphics installations a little easier. The right tool can reduce installation time and or enhance quality. Installers have been using magnets for a few years now.

• The new Wrapmag Stud Bar Magnets offer amazing holding power and clever new features.

• The idea behind vehicle wrap magnets of course is to provide an extra ‘hand’ to hold vinyl panels in place during installation. The bar shape effectively gives you a larger ‘hand’ to anchor your panels. And, with 25lbs of pull force, it’s a strong hand that won’t let panels slip and slide.

• A non-scratch felt liner is included to protect paint and prints. And they come with a clever magnetic shield that blocks magnetism during storage. So you don’t have to waste time prying your other tools of off them when you pull them out of the tool bag. They come in Green and Orange.




*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-C-STUD-O Wrapmag Stud Bar Magnets-Orange 1Qty AU$ 12.50
RT-C-STUD-G Wrapmag Stud Bar Magnets-Green 1Qty AU$ 12.50