Pro-Tint Bondo Magnet Squeegee

A Squeegee and a Magnet in one! Holds your graphics in place and keeps your knife handy too. 

The Magnetic squeegee allows you to apply graphics much quicker & much easier. Simply stick it on the vehicle you are working on or use it to hold your vinyl graphics in situe.

• This squeegee made to use dry or wet.

• No more scratches, marring or marks, just smooth motions that easily glides across vinyl films and painted surfaces without worry of mistakes or damage

Pro-Tint Bondo™ Scratch-less Squeegee is a unique combination of Teflon combined with a soft, smooth, Suede edge

• Two different shape of plastic corner can work for most of the edges and complex curves.

• Perfect for chrome car wraps, matte & gloss car wraps, delicate surfaces, car wraps, vehicle lettering & graphics, decals, sign making, window tint.

• Size: 4" (Length) x 3" (Tall)






*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-W-140P Magnet Squeegee & 2Layer Micro Fiber FeltEdge 1Qty AU$ 10.00