Manual Trimmer and Stand

 Trimmer is designed for use on working table or attached to the stand, especially used for maximum productivity.

It is a versatile cutter. With the castor to move the Trimmer to any operating position.

Super straight and slim tolerance when swiveling down the razor carriage and sliding the cutting head on lineal bearings.

The recess in the base protects the blade tip when cutting.

Ideal for cutting: digital prints, vinyl, films, paper & cardboard.( within 8mm thickness)

One person operation to bring high efficiency and quality, and saving time and labor.

Optional extended squaring arm for improved accuracy.

Packed with special foam filled blocks to protect the aluminum.

Size 120cm,180cm,260cm

Box Dimensions:

260cm: (13x35x276cms -18kgs) + (202x12x9cms-17kgs)



*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-YS-120 Trimmer with Stand-1200mm 1 AU$ 790.00
RT-YS-180 Trimmer with Stand-1800mm 1 AU$ 845.00
RT-YS-260 Trimmer with Stand-2600mm 1 AU$ 995.00