LED Aluminum Standoffs

 LED Sign Standoffs come in one size and a satin finish,a great way to make illuminated signs avaliable in four pieces.

( sold in pack of 4).

Avaliable in White, Red, Green and Blue.

Specifications: 25mm Ø /25mm projection

Panel requires 9mm Ø hole

Supports panels up to 12mm

Finish: Satin Chrome



*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-G-L2525ST-B LED - Satin Aluminium - Blue 4Qty/1Set 1Box AU$ 60.00
RT-G-L2525ST-W LED - Satin Aluminium - White 4Qty/1Set 1Box AU$ 60.00
RT-G-L2525ST-R LED - Satin Aluminium - Red 4Qty/1Set 1Box AU$ 60.00