Hollow Standoffs-SS201

• Light Weight, Good Looking&Low Price

Material: 201 stainless steel


Packing: 4Qty/one Set

Diameter : 16,19,25,30mm

Length: 25,35,45mm

Type: Hollow

Finishing: Brush

Installation is Easy as 1-2-3:

1) Simply drill a hole

2) Screw in the standoffs onto the wall.

3) Tighten the Cap through your sign panel and into the standoffs.

Applications: • Indoor Use • Directional Sign • Display Panel • Architectural Sign • Informational Sign • Company Directories • and many other attractive applications


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-G-AHS-1620 Brushed Hollow Standoffs-16mmx20mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 5.00
RT-G-AHS-1925 Brushed Hollow Standoffs 19mmx25mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 7.50
RT-G-AHS-2525 Brushed Hollow Standoffs 25mmx25mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 10.00
RT-G-AHS-2535 Brushed Hollow Standoffs 25mmx35mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 12.50
RT-G-AHS-2545 Brushed Hollow Standoffs 25mmx45mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 15.00
RT-G-AHS-3045 Brushed Hollow Standoffs 30mmx45mm 4 Pcs/Set AU$ 17.50