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Power Grip Felt Squeegee - 180mm Red Cobra Squeegee - 200mm Economy Blue Squeegee Cobra Diecut Buffers
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When you hear the word “squeegee” is your first thought about glass cleaning tools? If so, you should consider the options available – they’re invaluable tools for a wide range of needs, and our squeegees are all geared to help you with vinyl and poster installation. In fact, without the right size and type of squeegees, chances are good that your glass-mounted or metal-adhered signs, stickers and decals look the worse for it.

What Do Squeegees Do?
Whether you’re using one to apply a new window decal to your storefront or a new adhesive poster to your wall, our squeegees do the same thing. They remove unwanted air trapped under the surface of your decal or poster, and help make the installation process faster and less hassle all around.

A Quick Example of Squeegees at Work
Here’s a brief illustration of how a squeegee can help with sign installation.
Your store has just commissioned and received a large window sticker. It is large and it’s a permanent installation, too, which means that you need to take care when installing it. Because it’s a window decal, there are no hooks, suction cups, frames or other hardware to contend with. The decal adheres directly to the glass. After thoroughly cleaning the mounting location, you begin to install the sign.
You begin at the top, but quickly run into a problem. As you work your way down the sign, you notice trapped air bubbles between the glass and the sign itself. They’re large and obnoxious, detracting from the look of your new signage. With a squeegee, you can handle this problem easily. Just pull the squeegee down the sign during installation (rather than doing the same thing with your hand). The squeegee forces air out from under the sign and ensures full contact between the signage and the glass in the window.

Choose the Right Style of Squeegee
If you’ve never used squeegees during graphic, decal or sign installation, the sheer number of styles and sizes might come as a surprise. There are large options, like our finishing squeegee, but there are also smaller ones about the size of a credit card. There are hard plastic squeegees, felt squeegees, roller squeegees, rubber squeegees and many others. It’s vital to choose the right type for your application, as they are not all usable on some surfaces.
Felt squeegees are ideal for installing vinyl lettering, stripes and other small elements, particularly when care is a paramount concern. Hard plastic squeegees with rounded corners are used to apply larger, more durable graphics and signs (including window clings and large vinyl decals). Roller squeegees can be used for both wet and dry applications and rubber squeegees are ideal options for installing floor graphics and other installations where the base surface might not be completely even.

Real Time Media Solutions delivers the widest range of squeegees for the broadest selection of needs. Our products speak for themselves, and we’re proud to offer something for virtually everyone.