Poster Snap-Model B


• Simple 'snap open, snap shut' poster display solution.

• Quick and easy poster change.

• Durable, anodised aluminum rail.

• Heavy duty, can accept very thick posters.

• Supplied in pairs (top and bottom).

• Suitable for wall hanging or ceiling suspending, ideal for window displays.

• A pair of hooks included in each set.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-L-A4 210mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 2.40
RT-L-A2 420mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 4.68
RT-L-A1 594mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 6.69
RT-L-A0 841mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 9.36
RT-L-900 900mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 10.02
RT-L-1200 1200mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 13.38
RT-L-3000 3000mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 33.48
RT-L-A0-HOR 1189mm-Top&Bottom/One Set 1 Pair AU$ 13.00