Poster Snap-Model A

Poster display with a simple clean clamp principle 

The Poster Snap Display.

Just two screws and your poster is ready to hang. 

One Set Includes Top and Bottom Profile.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-L-SH297 Snap Hanger 297mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 6.50
RT-L-SH420 Snap Hanger 420mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 7.50
RT-L-SH594 Snap Hanger 594mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 9.00
RT-L-SH841 Snap Hanger 841mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 10.00
RT-L-SH900 Snap Hanger 900mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 11.50
RT-L-SH1200 Snap Hanger 1200mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 14.00
RT-L-SH1500 Snap Hanger 1500mm(Top&Bottom) 1Set AU$ 18.50