Self Healing Cutting Mat

Made In the USA

Brand Rhino

Trimming digital prints and sheet goods has never been easier!

The super size, self-healing mat is perfect for your production tables. Now you can cut razor straight on this thick mat.

•Knife & Solvent Proof

•Cut Straight - Mats Won’t Gouge

•Protects Your Table Top

•Mats Roll Up For Easy Ship


•Non-Glare Surface

•Blades Last Longe

•Looks Great In stock (2 - 3 business days)

•Grid Sheet Not Included

Thickness : 4mm

Special Notes:

1. With a Little Care Your Mat Will Give Many Years of Service:

2. Use a light touch with your knife. The object is to cut through the material and just a little into the mat. X-Acto type knives will not affect the mat. When using heavy-duty utility knives, please be careful to use a light touch.

Clean with either detergents or solvents.

3. Your mat should lie on the table with the shiny side down.

4. If your mat doesn’t lie flat right out of the box,

flip it over and leave it on the table overnight before flipping it back.

5. Your mat is totally impervious to common solvents and detergents.

Box Sizes

6x12  183 x 30 x 30cm   28kg

5x12  153 x 30 x 30cm   24kg

5x10  153 x 30 x 30cm   20kg

4x8     125 x 30 x 30cm    13kg

4x2     65 x 20 x 20cm        7kg



*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-K-RHINO-4X2 Rhino Cutting Mat-1220mmx610mm 1Qty AU$ 126.00
RT-K-RHINO-4x8 Rhino Cutting Mat-1220mmx2440mm 1Qty AU$ 413.00
RT-K-RHINO-4x10 Rhino Cutting Mat-1220mmx3040mm 1Qty AU$ 572.00
RT-K-RHINO-4x12 Rhino Cutting Mat-1220mmx3660mm 1Qty AU$ 673.00
RT-K-RHINO-5x8 Rhino Cutting Mat-1520mmx2430mm 1Qty AU$ 572.00
RT-K-RHINO-5x10 Rhino Cutting Mat-1520mmx3040mm 1Qty AU$ 673.00
RT-K-RHINO-5x12 Rhino Cutting Mat-1520mmx3660mm 1Qty AU$ 775.00
RT-K-RHINO-6x10 Rhino Cutting Mat-1830mmx3040mm 1Qty AU$ 775.00
RT-K-RHINO-6x12 Rhino Cutting Mat-1830mmx3660mm 1Qty AU$ 910.00