Self Healing Cutting Mats

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Self-Healing Cutting Mats
Whether you work in a photo framing business or need to trim paper or prints on a regular basis, you’re familiar with the need to hold your material in place when cutting and working. Self-healing cutting mats are the ideal solution for this. Self-healing capabilities ensure that you have a long lasting solution to your needs, and the outstanding protection and ease of use offered by these mats make them a “must have”.

What Do They Do?
Self-healing cutting mats actually do several things. First, they provide you with a supersized work area. Whether you’re cutting, trimming, framing or gluing, they offer the right space for your needs. Second, they protect your tabletop from scoring and gouging from knife blades and other tools. Third, they help ensure you make straighter cuts every time.

Advantages of Self-Healing Cutting Mats
Cutting mats are nothing new. They’ve been around in one form or another for many years. However, self-healing cutting mats offer benefits and advantages not found with conventional types of mats. Not sure they’re the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Self-Healing – The most important benefit of these mats is their self-healing capabilities. Light scoring will not damage the mat, and the unique material will actually repair cuts and nicks in a short time. However, it’s important to understand that heavy-duty knives (utility knives, for instance), can cut directly through the mat and cause irreparable harm.

Protects Your Table – How often have you cut through a cutting mat and into the tabletop underneath? That leads to a significant amount of damage over time, and will eventually result in the need to purchase a new table, an expense that you just don’t need. Self-healing cutting mats allow you to prevent that damage and protect your tabletop, extending its lifespan by a significant amount.
Extend Blade Life – Blades are expensive, and they can wear out all too quickly. However, self-healing cutting mats can help extend the life of your blades. By preventing contact with the table underneath, your blades remain sharper, giving you additional use and helping to reduce your expenses associated with replacing blades too frequently.

Translucent – Our self-healing cutting mats are translucent rather than opaque, allowing you to see beneath the mat. This allows you to follow patterns, see measurements and more, which would otherwise not be possible.

Tips for Using Your Cutting Mat
When your self-healing cutting mat arrives, it’s important to take the right steps before using it. First, unroll your mat and ensure that it lays flat. If it does not lay flat with the shiny side down, flip it over and allow it to rest for several hours. This relaxes the plastic, allowing it to come back to its normal shape. Always use your mat with the shiny side down (matte up). When cleaning your mat, both cleansers and solvents can be used (the material is impervious to most chemicals).

Real Time Media Solutions delivers the highest quality self-healing cutting mats, allowing you to be more productive.