Blue Banner Safety Ruler

Our safety rulers can protect hand wouldn't be hurt form knife.

Highlights :

1, The wider ruler (105mm or 4.1 inch) gives more space for your hand under the protection of curved finger guard.

2, Non-Slip finger serration on surface & Non-slip rubber gripper on backside to enhance stability and secure positioning.

3, Constructed of aluminum with a stainless steel cutting edge to prevent the knives from gouging the aluminum during trimming and cutting.


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-J-008-BA110 Blue Banner Safety Ruler-1100mmx105mm 1Qty AU$ 90.00
RT-J-008-BA140 Blue Banner Safety Ruler-1400mmx105mm 1Qty AU$ 110.00
RT-J-008-BA170 Blue Banner Safety Ruler-1700mmx105mm 1Qty AU$ 126.00