Real Estate Displays

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Real Estate Displays

Whether you’re advertising an open house, a garage sale, an in-store sale, a today’s special or something else, you need the right signage to get your message out. Conventional signage doesn’t work that well – what you need is a way to reach your audience beyond the bounds of your storefront or home. Our selection of real estate displays puts your message outside in the wild, where it can reach potential customers.

What Are Real Estate Displays?
Rather than being specifically dedicated to the real estate industry, these signs take your message and place it in locations beyond the norm. They are modeled on traditional real estate signage, though. Think of how many “home for sale” signs you’ve seen sitting out on the lawn and you’ve got the right idea. These signs go outside, and reach passersby, whether they’re on foot or driving past.

Spider Stake
Whether you’re selling a car, a motor home, or your house, you need the right signage. Our selection of For Sale by Owner signs will do the trick. They use a spider stake design to get around the problems inherent with the H-stake design (bending, toppling, corrosion, etc). Spider stakes are made from durable plastic, and they’re webbed to provide rigidity against the elements, as well as firm support for whatever sign you choose to place on the support. There’s even an upper torsion bar to help distribute the force of the wind and prevent your sign from toppling.

Window Clip
Why limit the reach of your signage to the edge of your yard or the small strip of green between the sidewalk and the street? Our window clip signs allow you to take your message mobile in a unique way. They clip to the top of your car’s window, allowing you to broaden your marketing efforts. You’ve seen these at work on car lots and in other areas, and now we’ve brought the same power and potential to you.

Step Frame
Want a strong, sturdy sign holder that works without the need to use external fasteners to hold your sign in place? Our step frame does just that. It uses a similar design to our spider stake frame, but also includes a clip-free sign holder at the top. Just insert your sign and the built-in holders do the job. There’s also an integrated stirrup designed to allow hassle-free installation in your yard or grounds.

Hotdog Stand Sign
This style of sign allows you to display virtually any message you might want in a compact footprint. It’s designed to hold small corrugated plastic signs, and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Three plastic prongs support and secure your sign, while the base provides the firm foundation needed.

Real Time Media Solutions is proud to offer a number of other real estate displays, including the goal post design. We help you get your message across in unique ways, without the hassles and problems inherent with older style real estate display formats. Take your message to the next level.