Lint free wipes

Our Lint Free Wipes are Dustfree, high quality polyester Lint free wipes specially designed for cleaning delicate printer parts such as print heads.


• 100% Polyester wipes are designed specifically for digital graphic art applications.

• Each wipe has Laser cut and sealed edges to prevent lint and fibre contamination with a high surface softness to eliminate damage to sensitive surfaces.

• Clean ink build up from encoder assemblies and other sensitive areas around the print head.

Solvent safe.

Guaranteed safe for use on all types of digital printing equipment and heads.

• Also known as cleanroom wipes for digital and optical media printers

• Clean Scanner drums,glass surfaces,touch screen control panels and imaging cylinders.

Technical Data: 

100% Polyester

Double Knitted and laser cut edges 

ISO Class 4-5 Clean room

DI Water Laundered


220x220mm 150 pieces per bag

100x100mm 500 Pieces per bag


Our MicroTex™ Lint Free Wipes products have been tried and trusted on many large format printers like Vutek Qs Series, Oce UV FatBed Series, Fuji, Mutoh, Mimiaki, Jeti, Hp and all kind of flat bed UV Printing Machines.



*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-D-001-WB MicroTex Lint free Big Wipes-220mmx220mm 150 Pcs/bag AU$ 50.00
RT-D-002-WS MicroTex Lint free Small Wipes-100mmx100mm 600 Pcs/bag AU$ 50.00

Lint Free Wipes

It’s difficult to think of a more delicate piece of equipment than a print head. However, despite that delicacy, print heads must be cleaned on a regular basis. Other printer hardware must also be cleaned to remove buildup and debris that could compromise performance and quality – causing problems for you and your own customers. However, how do you clean those delicate pieces without the potential for further damage? Real Time Media Solutions understands just how important it is to have the right supplies, and our lint free wipes are the perfect option for cleaning all of your delicate hardware, including print heads and nozzles.

How They’re Made
The secret to our lint free wipe’s effectiveness and safety lies in how they’re engineered and designed. We start with 100% polyester, a material known for maintaining its structural integrity. Cotton and other materials deteriorate and degrade relatively quickly, leaving bits behind (lint, dust and debris that can actually cause as much or more damage as the buildup you’re cleaning off that print head in the first place).

Second, the polyester used is designed specifically for use in graphic art applications, which means that it’s even more suited for the task. Laser cutting ensures a pristine, clean cut around each edge. What’s more, each edge is then sealed to ensure there is no possible contamination.
Of course, these wipes are soft, which is an essential consideration with any delicate equipment. It ensures that you’re able to clean and remove buildup and debris without worrying that harsh surfaces will damage print nozzles or heads, or any other equipment on which you use these wipes. In fact, we’re so confident in our wipes’ abilities and softness, we guarantee they are safe for use with printing equipment. They’ve been tested and tried on industry-leading equipment, including brands like HP, Fuji, Mimiaki, and Mutoh, to name just a few.

Buy in the Right Quantity
We offer our industry-leading lint free wipes in several sizes and quantities to meet your specific needs. For larger jobs, you can choose our 220 mm x 220 mm wipes. If you have smaller jobs, our 100 mm x 100 mm wipes will do just fine. Our larger wipes are sold in bags of 150, while our smaller wipes are available in bags of 500.

Additional Printer Maintenance Consumables
At Real Time Media Solutions, we understand that you have numerous other needs that must be met in terms of printer maintenance. To that end, we offer several other options. Our nitrile gloves will protect your hands while also ensuring that those with latex allergies don’t suffer. Our cotton gloves are ideal solutions for many cleanroom environments, and our foam swabs help you reach deep into your printer to provide a thorough cleaning without harming delicate equipment. We even offer solvent resistant syringes to help you apply cleaners and solvents safely.

Real Time Media Solutions offers exactly that – the solutions you need to your printer maintenance problems. We invite you to explore our products and see for yourself.