Portable Brochure Racks

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Portable Brochure Racks
Whether you’re moving displays around within your store or office, or you’re taking things on the road and attending a trade show or other industry event, you need the right way to display your literature. While there are plenty of conventional brochure display options out there, they all have a few things in common. They’re tired. They’re old. They’re not that effective. Real Time Media Solutions understands the challenges you face, as well as the need to ensure that your literature is not only easily accessible, but highly visible for your audience. Our selection of portable brochure racks is invitingly different and remarkably effective.

Designed to Be Different
Think about the last time you saw a brochure rack. Chances are good it was a large metal display with multiple “pockets” designed to hold brochures and other printed material. However, how much of each brochure was displayed above the lip of the pocket? Not much – these are great for holding material, but not particularly effective when it comes to actually drawing someone’s attention. Our portable brochure racks are different.
Whether you opt for our Literature Stand, our Bamboo Brochure Stand, one of our Portable Roll-up Brochure Racks or something else, you’ll find that each delivers the benefits you need.

A Glimpse at Our Selection
Real Time Media Solutions takes pride in serving the needs of our customers in innovative and unique ways. Our selection of portable brochure racks is just one of those. We’ve created one of the most comprehensive selections of display racks available, and each one is capable of putting the focus where it should be – on your literature.

For instance, our Literature Stand is made from aluminum and finished with an eye-catching sheen. It’s the perfect solution for displaying literature on two sides, rather than just one as with other systems. It’s also immensely lightweight and foldable, ensuring that you can easily take it wherever you need to go. Finally, you’ll find that the shelves are large enough to accommodate almost any type of literature, even books.

Another example of our innovation at work is our Bamboo Brochure Stand. Cunningly crafted from one of the world’s most eco-friendly materials, bamboo, this stand nevertheless offers outstanding portability and plenty of display space for your literature.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in portability, consider one of our Pocket Portable Roll-up Brochure Racks. They really do roll up for transport and storage. When in use, they sit firmly on their sturdy frames, and the low-cut pocket design ensures that your material is highly visible while being securely displayed.

We can even help you combine your banner advertising with your printed literature in our Double Take Banner Stand. It’s one part banner display and one part brochure rack. Two pockets at the top of the display allow you to highlight your literature, while the remaining space is given over to high-impact banner space.

Real Time Media Solutions has an answer to virtually any need when it comes to portable brochure racks.