Lidco - Specialty Squeegees & Application Tools

A company with over 35 years experience as the original manufacturer and supplier of squeegees and applicators, LIDCO provides the highest quality products in a range of prices, styles and characteristics. Experts in 100’s of different industries, including graphics, decals, film, sign supplies, tapes, adhesives and pressure sensitive materials use LIDCO products. In addition, these squeegees are also used for spreading a wide variety of adhesives, recapturing inks in the silk-screen industry and for affixing screen material. LIDCO’S wide range of squeegees has proven to boost efficiency, add value to your own product line and improve the results of your and your customer’s jobs. They are used for decals, graphics, signs, vinyls, psa labels, Mylar’s, window films, vinyl sealing, adhesive application, filling plastics, resins, spreading materials and more. Squeegees are available in Poly Blends, Nylons, Teflons and chemically resistant materials. LIDCO’s quality squeegees have both smooth edges and memory that returns the edge to its original position. Their longitudinal rigidity and stability provides optimal pressure for the safe application of graphics, vinyls, tapes, films and other pressure sensitive materials. LIDCO TOOLS are made with various degrees of lubricity for different levels of surface friction. Industries Served : Graphics (various categories, i.e. windows, floor, etc.) Sign making suppliers Signage Film manufacturing Paper convertors Coated and paper film convertors Tape manufacturing Pressure sensitive material users and mfgs. Adhesive users and manufacturing Printing Vinyl mfg. Laminated Products Banner materials and manufacturing Decals Reflective material application Window films Glass tinting Paint Hvac foil tape applications Automotive manufacturing Aerospace manufacturing Motor home manufacturing Heavy accessories manufacturing Marine Fiberglass Buses Ceramic arts suppliers Chemical Paint Spreaders Food groups Electronics Labels Stickers - cling ons Fleet graphics Awning Bookcovers Home Decor Tool Woodworking


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