Melamine Preglued Edging

Melamine Preglued Edging 20mm Self Adhesive Edging Tape    

Melamine Preglued Edging

From shelves to counters to cabinets and more, there are numerous products in our lives that require edging material. Most of the fixtures and furniture we use on a daily basis is made from particleboard or plywood, neither of which have smooth or appealing edges. Our selection of melamine preglued edging allows you to cover up that unsightly edge and provide both a safer environment and better aesthetics. However, our edging can also be used with real wood as well as MDF.

Why Is It Necessary?
Shelves, cabinets, counters and even tables often have unfinished edges. This is particularly true for fixtures made from MDF or particleboard, where it’s impossible to shape and sand the edge. However, even real wood fixtures can benefit from melamine preglued edging. Our products are designed to provide superior performance and lifespan – you get a smooth, sealed edge every time. It’s about more than just removing an unappealing appearance, though. Rough, raw edges are often jagged, and can be dangerous. Applying our edging helps create a safer product.

How Does It Work?
Our melamine preglued edging is exceptionally simple to use. It comes preglued from the manufacturer, and all that’s required to achieve a strong, permanent bond is to heat it in place. A hand iron works very well, but other techniques can also be used. All you need to do is measure the surface to be covered, measure the appropriate amount of edging off the roll, cut it, and then affix it to the surface in question.

Colors and Sizes
We offer both white and black melamine preglued edging for our customers. It comes in 20 mm x 100 m rolls, ideal for both consumer use and for use in business locations. Both black and white have a matte finish, and are just 1 mm thick.

Applications for Melamine Preglued Edging
Where might you put our edging to work? Actually, it can be used in thousands of different ways, but some of the most popular include:
• Finishing raw shelf edges
• Finishing cabinet edges
• Finishing countertop edges where a bullnose or other stylized design is not used
• Finishing cut wood (modified solid doors, etc.)
• Finishing the edges of tables
Anywhere you have a raw, unfinished wood, plywood, MDF or particleboard edge, our melamine preglued edging can provide a professional, smooth finish.

Who Can Use It?
We offer our preglued edging for any needs. It’s high quality enough for a professional shop, but can also be used by hobbyists and even homeowners. No special tools or expertise is required to apply it, either. You need nothing more than a standard home iron, although it can also be applied using hot air edgebanders (for professionals).

Real Time Media offers the highest quality range of products for our customers, and our edging is no exception. If you have questions or concerns before placing your order, feel free to contact us. One of our experienced representatives will be happy to discuss your needs.