Single Sheet Cutter with Adjustable Blade

 NT Compact single sheet cutter is a convenient little cutting tool to carry with you anywhere. It's quick, easy and safe to use. Simply hold the safety cutter between your thumb and index finger and slide it along line being cut, making sure you keep the pressure consistent across the surface. The recessed blade can be adjusted to the thickness of the material you are cutting so you don't cut through the pages underneath. Clipping coupons, articles or recipes out of newspapers and magazines will be a cinch with this safety cutting tool. This useful little tool is great for removing seals such as shrink wrapped DVD's and will make scrapbooking a breeze. The blade is replaceable and made from high quality stainless steel and produced through multiple stages of precise processing to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention.

Single sheet cutter

With cutting depth adjuster

# of blade included: 1

Replacement blade: BQ-11P

Cutting Material: Paper

Good as coupon cutter or magazine & newspaper clipper

Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue (Depending on the availability, we might not be able to meet your request for specified color. Please contact us for the availability)

Made in Japan (TAA designated)


*Pricing excludes GST and FREIGHT

RT-I-NT-T100P Single Sheet Cutter 1QTY AU$ 2.00
RT-I-NT-BQ11P Spare Blade for T100P-2Qty/Pack 1Qty AU$ 2.50